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Go Red and Go Home - Best Picks for the Valentine's Season!

February 07, 2020

Hot Red Lingerie

Hey Lovelies,

 As we steady ourselves for what is sure to be a chaotic shopping period in the malls. I thought a fun cheat code would be in order. And while our promos are still very active and helpful. This cheat code is more so to deal with or avoid the mess of having to decide what type or style of lingerie to get your partner.

 Since red is the unofficial color of Valentine's, we still don’t know if it is because the heart is red or because red was Saint Valentine, the patron saint of Valentine’s Day favorite color. Regardless of the reason, to honor this holiday season here are a few of our very best lingerie picks available in the color red.

 Remember a great way to build a great set is to buy the item that is paired with them on the model. These sets will have you looking and feeling so good, you’ll be heading straight home to enjoy them!

 Celestine by Lauma, sometimes the journey starts with a warm-cool bath. Let this flattering and hugging robe be the start to an explosive night. Skip the awkward transition, from bath to lingerie with this must-have item.

 Eliza by Rosme, In the spirit of seduction the Eliza collection brings you a daring look for ladies with a fuller bust. Designed to sculpt the breast while drawing attention to the waist, this collection makes a statement that bigger busted girls have been waiting on for far too long.

 Madison by Sawren, This design takes on a more artistically playful look with a soft blend of calming blue. Making this a perfect choice for a night of seduction and a day on the job. Cheerful and resourceful this collection features a bra that makes all the difference in the closet.

 Cherry by Kinga, this collection is as flirtatiously erotic as it sounds. Named after the dark and juicy red that adds a wanton layer of attraction to the seductive design. This collection features cuts that are just as bold as you would expect for a night of unbridled passion.

 Rosie by Kinga, Reds are so sexy they don’t have to be the only color in use. The Rosie collection is enchanting and seductive with hints of rose petals embroidered into the lace fabric, creating a delightful image. A definite must by for those who prefer black but would still like to participate in the fun this season.



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Go Red and Go Home - Best Picks for the Valentine's Season!