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Lingerie in Colors

Here are a few colors you’ve been running away from and why that needs to stop!

Dear Readers,

  Lingerie is one of those things we associate with glamour and seduction. It is a great way for women to explore their sexuality without having to experience anything possible uncomfortable. However, something we have done wrong for a while now is stick to the idea that lingerie needs to be done in only certain colors.

  Why is it that we seem to think lingerie comes in only five colors, blue, black, white, and blush? And red for seductive looks. Why are we usually so afraid to experiment with different styles and colors, tones and hues? Well, to be fair, there are a few reasons for this. So, today we are going to address popular misconceptions and give great reasons why you should have different colors.

  The first being, due to its association with glamour, most people assume that only cool tones are permissible. This is not true. For one, glamour is all about the right kind of style and the luxury comfort associated with them. When you take that into account you realize that color does not disqualify lingerie from being glamorous, of course, it must be matched properly, but the hue, shade, and tone of color does not make it any less glamorous, consider our, Curacao by Gorssenia for a bright glamorous look.

Bra Gorsenia Curacao

  Another reason a lot of people mention is the effectiveness of using it. People often debate how well it will blend beneath work and everyday attire since lingerie is still effectively underwear. That’s no problem at all. We all have various colors of outfits. Buying colored lingerie, for the most part, isn’t a blending problem unless you are wearing a white or transparent material. and even then, this allows you to experiment with a new kind of style. Consider our Pamela Silver by Gorteks

  A less common issue is the matter of collection building. A lot of people are tempted to stick to the base and neutral colors to prevent an unorganized collection, but that often results in an uninspired and boring closet. Essentially defeating the beauty of self-expression that lingerie offers. Try branching out with middle ground colors that transition from neutral ones, this way you are able to maintain your esthetic while trying out bolder choices. Consider our Euphoria by Lisca.

Love the color idea already, then you’ll love Dessous by Claudette now at 70% off!

Love Lavinia

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