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Holiday Shopping; Lingerie Edition

Holiday Shopping; Lingerie Edition

It’s fall, my favorite season of all. Not only does fall mean sweater weather it also means presents, yes fall is the season of presents. Due solely to the many holidays that take place and depending on personal family traditions you may also be receiving presents on none-public holidays like Halloween.

That means its time for a good seasonal haul on lingerie presents. Why do we buy lingerie as presents? Well, it’s a great way to give and receive. Not only will your partner appreciate your thoughtfulness, but you will also enjoy the benefits of getting to see them in whatever sexy items you purchase.

Now, knowing how great lingerie is doesn’t always make the buying process easier. In fact, it may put on the pressure to get something both sexy and likable. The age-old problem of finding the perfect gift. While it certainly is not the same as buying an engagement ring, shopping for lingerie poses the same questions, size, fit, preference, cost. All these may seem like you are fretting over nothing but are quite important to ensure that you get the most for your buck. And we here at Lavinia want to make sure you do just that. 

Here are a few tips for lingerie shopping this holiday.

Get size. Knowing your partner's size is the quickest way of getting the right fit. Most people want their presents to be a surprise so that automatically rules out asking your partner, and since lingerie is an exactly family-friendly conversation, it also rules out asking their mom or sibling for help. A good trick for this is to pay attention to the bra your partner wears most frequently. Next time you do laundry or are alone in the room, sneak a peek at the size. This is the most accurate bra size you will get.

Red Babydoll Lingerie Set Think fit. A good way to choose the right lingerie is by getting the right fit. Since we have secured the size, its time to think of the fit, this isn’t just if it will fit, but how well it will do so. It is important to compare the size you select to the sizing chart given. Here at Lavinia different companies have different sizing charts which means its important not to simply guess and instead, make an informed choice. If you are unable to get or figure out the size and fit, consider a bodysuit. Much easier to guess between four sizes than over ten. Try our Montelle Gatsby Babydoll and G-string.

Think of Theme. It’s the holiday season which means consider shopping for colors and themes that blend into the season, think flower embroidery to signify fall or brown for thanksgiving and red and white for Christmas. This way your partner knows you put in some thought.

Think about them. When shopping for gifts its always important to get what the recipient likes and not what we personally prefer, lingerie is no different. Consider looking at the trend of lingerie your partner already owns, and work with that.

Feel free to multiply. The awesome thing about lingerie is that it works on different occasions. That means the more items the more options. consider buying a sexier pair for special occasions and a more office-friendly pair for everyday activity.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie


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