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Is Lingerie Really a Good idea For a Valentine’s Day Present?

February 03, 2020

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Hello Loves,

 Here we are once again. It's officially that time of the week where we debate the more controversial topics in the world of lingerie. In this week’s topic, we focus on the question that pops in everyone’s mind around this time of the year. Is lingerie really a good idea for Valentine’s Day present?

 This may seem like a pretty basic and generic question, but it is one that is highly debated in most circles. “Is lingerie really a good idea for Valentine’s Day present?” or any holiday in general? The people have asked and we must answer. Well, it truly depends on how you look at it, it is important to address both sides of the debate and we at Lavinia believe that it is.

To defend our stance, we will be addressing common arguments against it.

 A. Some people argue that buying someone especially your significant other lingerie, is a cheap cop-out because you equally enjoy the benefits of the gift, by getting to view them in it.

 R. This benefit is true and we certainly have no intention of denying it. However, that does not make the gift a cop-out. Lingerie is sexy, and a proven confidence booster. So, what’s the harm in providing your significant other with a gift that is both empowering and attractive.

 A. Some people believe that it is an inappropriate gift to give people.

 R. We do not encourage or even recommend giving someone with whom you do not have an intimate relationship-sexual or not, lingerie as a gift. It sends the wrong message an at the very least, could come off as creepy. However, if you are close to someone there is no reason why buying them a nice set of lingerie would be inappropriate. Like any other clothing item, it is necessary and therefore a thoughtful gift to offer.

 A. Some people believe that buying lingerie as Valentine’s present is overdone.

 R. Every present can be considered overdone. Important things to take into consideration are thoughtfulness and presentation. Roses are rather repetitive but when done the right way they seem enchanting.

 A. Like the first argument, some people believe that they are not thoughtful presents.

 R. This is Far from the truth. Lingerie is used daily and can completely help to bring out the beauty in outfits we wear. Next time you shop for a sexy set, consider adding a plunge or t-shirt bra as a bonus.

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Is Lingerie Really a Good idea For a Valentine’s Day Present?