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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Is Lingerie Actually a Good Idea For a Valentine’s Day Present?

Hello love,

Here we are once again. It's officially that time of the month where we debate the more conversational topics in the world of lingerie. This time, we focus on the question that pops into most people's minds around February, and it's connected to gift-giving on the international day of all lovers.

We're, of course, talking about Valentine's Day! We hear you ask: “Is lingerie actually a good gift idea for Valentine’s Day?” And "Is it an acceptable gift for other holidays?"

This may seem like a pretty basic question, but it's highly debated among singles and long-term partners alike. And since we know people like you wonder about this, we must answer it the best we can! 😉

The short answer to this debate is that it all depends on the person who receives the gift.

But we believe that lingerie can be one of the most thoughtful, intimate, and exciting presents you can get for your special someone.

It may take more than our words to persuade you though, so we'll cover the seven most-asked questions (or rather, objections) when it comes to giving lingerie as a present on Valentine's Day.


The 7 most popular objections to giving lingerie as a Valentine's Day present (with answers)

🎁 Objection #1: Buying lingerie (especially for your significant other) is a cheap way out because you equally enjoy the benefits of the gift by getting to see them in it.

This benefit is true and we certainly have no intention of denying it. However, that does not make the gift a cop-out or a way of avoiding the act of gift-giving. Lingerie is sexy and is a proven confidence booster. So, what’s the harm in providing your significant other with a gift that is both empowering and attractive? That's right - there's none at all!


🎁 Objection #2: It's not an appropriate gift to give somebody

We do not encourage or recommend giving lingerie to someone with whom you do not have an intimate relationship with. It can surely send the wrong message and at the very least, could come off as a little creepy.

However, if you are close to someone, there is no reason why buying them a nice set of lingerie would be inappropriate. Like any other clothing item, it is necessary and therefore, can be a personal and useful gift.


🎁 Objection #3: Buying lingerie as a Valentine’s Day present is overdone

If that were to be true, red roses, chocolates, and jewelry would have long gone out of fashion. The simple fact is that every gift can be considered as "overdone". And the most important things to take into consideration are thoughtfulness and the way you present your gift. Enchant her with a beautifully wrapped box with the lingerie inside it as well as a personal note. On the note, write a small and personal message of why you chose this particular set for her.


🎁 Objection #4: Similar to the first objection, some people believe that lingerie doesn't make for a thoughtful-enough present

And once again, this is quite far from the truth. It can be a far more practical present than most - lingerie is used daily and can bring out the beauty in different outfits that women wear. So next time you're thinking of purchasing a steamy two-piece or three-piece set, consider adding a plunge bra or a molded t-shirt bra as a bonus!

Plus, gifting lingerie is an indirect way of instilling confidence in your significant other and inspiring them to try something new. Here are a few items we know will have you as convinced as we are: Aspen by Gorteks, 'Chilli Red Glossies' by Gossard, and sheer illusion set 'Gillian'.


🎁 Objection #5: Finding the right size for lingerie pieces is difficult

This is probably the one objection that carries the most weight since finding the right bra or panty size can sometimes feel like navigating a jungle. Not to worry, there are, once again, a few workarounds! If you don't have access to your partner's bra or panty size, you can choose to pick a one-size or multi-size teddy, slip, or set.

And if all else fails, choose a lingerie shop that offers free, no-hassle 100-day returns to allow enough time for your loved one to exchange the pieces. It's not ideal, but your initial efforts certainly won't be wasted.


🎁 Objection #6: There's too little choice (that I like anyway)

Now, this one is a surprising objection! Our online shop has 100s of best-selling bras and panties under our belt, so too little choice isn't the feedback we usually get from existing and potential customers!

But, if you do find that there's too little of what you like, we'd recommend shopping at a bigger lingerie store that carries multiple brands, and potentially, visiting their best-selling lingerie pieces and reviewing individual sets with the best reviews. We're sure you'll find something gorgeous for your partner!


🎁 Objection #7: I worry that the gift won't arrive in time

This concern is universal for every gift-giver out there, so we completely get it! While you can expect some delays linked to the pandemic, you should be safe if you order at least a week in advance. And if you can invest in a fast delivery option, all the better.

If it's actually Valentine's Day today and you're stressing about what to get, don't worry! You can always give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and add a small envelope with an enclosed gift card - that way she can choose the lingerie she likes and surprise you with it later.


Wrapping up

Well, that's it my lovely! We've answered the seven most common objections to gifting lingerie on Valentine's Day, and we hope that we've dispelled your doubts and inspired you to take the plunge this gift-giving season.

Until next time!


Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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