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Padded Demi Cup Bra Black/Beige Lingerie

Lingerie 101: The Padded Bra

  Hello, Darlings!

  Hope we all had a lovely three-day weekend. As you know here at Lavinia Lingerie we never stop thinking of ways t make your shopping experience more satisfying which is why I am excited to share this particular article with you. Today we talk about padded bras.

  Padded bras are perhaps one of the most common bras out there and yet many of us are not entirely sure about what they do or at the very least, how they do it. That is why I will be sharing some needed information. Firstly, what are Padded bras? Padded bras are simply bras that contain padding in the cups or a slot for placing the removable pads - cookies. This padding is not to be confused with the soft layer of cloth that lines every bra. Paddings can be made of water, jelly or cotton.  

  Now that we know what they are, what do they do? Simple, padded bras help highlight and enhance the appearance of the bust line. This could look like your cleavage appearing fuller, your sides appearing rounder, or the bust itself appearing fuller. These all depend on the type and shape of the padding used.

  However, enhancing the appearance of the bust isn’t the only thing they do, padded bras are great for women with more sensitive breast because they offer a layer of comfort through the padding. They are also great at offering support for women with larger busts.

A few commonly asked questions.

  Will wearing a padded bra choke me? No. wearing a padded bra will not choke you if you wear the correct size in the right way.

  Are padded bras uncomfortable? Truth is, they can be. However, this is usually due to wearing the wrong size or not properly adjusting the straps.

  Will padded bras increase the size of my breast? Yes and no. Padded bras cannot physically change the size of your breast, but they can-and are great at- enhancing the appearance of your bust. They can go as high as two cups; You get all the compliments with none of the back pain!

Cage Lace Padded Bra Sexy Lingerie What are some great padded bras I can try? A few of our bestsellers are Lavinia's Raspberry KissFlame by Lavinia and Seductive Woman by Axami. These three are some of our highest rated for support and appearance. Two of my personal favorites come from Gorteks, the latest release, Longline Sheer Bra Charlize and a statement everyday piece, Semi Sheer Bra Scarlet Powder.


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