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Lingerie For Your Star Sign — Taurus

Lingerie For Your Star Sign — Taurus

Feeling grounded? We are now in Taurus (April 21st-May 21st), the second sign of the zodiac, and the sign of the bull. An earth sign, Taurus is known to be stable and uncomplicated — maybe even a bit plodding — but she’s got a well-developed sensual side, too. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus woman loves beautiful things, and the more luxurious the better.

Her personal style reflects this: she’s classic, sure, but there’s no more sensuous sign in the zodiac. Devoted to quality, Taurus loves a designer label or two, and she’s never happier than when swathed in gorgeous natural fibers like cotton and silk.

How does this translate to her lingerie drawer? Well, our luxury lingerie might be a good place to start. Antinea by Lise Charmel is a designer brand to make her heart beat faster and Amorelle’s deluxe nightwear in silk and lace could have been designed with Taurus in mind. We think she’ll particularly love this Amoralle set, $189. Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, so the velvet shoulder straps on this delicate tulle lingerie set are bound to please.

As for colors, Taurus could go one of two ways. She likes to indulge her romantic side with dreamy pastels (think pink and blue); while her down-to-earth nature loves everything to do with the color green. She’ll find it hard to resist this mint green demi cup bra, $53, by Sawren, in the sheer mesh; there’s a plus size bra (available up to a 44F), and two pairs of briefs available in the range too.

Above all, tactile Taurus is all about pampering, and that goes for her everyday lingerie too. She won’t compromise on feeling comfortable, so seek out a seamless t-shirt bra in smooth, innovative fabric. She’ll love Kinga’s seamless spacer bra, $42, or Conturelle’s no-show memory bra, $89, for the all-day comfort she craves.


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