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Lingerie Hack: Bra Hooks

Hey lovelies,

  A less discussed aspect of lingerie that makes a world of difference is going o be our topic of the day. Bra hooks. If these were a movie set then they are the supporting cast that made the movie sell out but often get sidelined for main actors like the cup and strap.

What’s the big deal about these side characters/hooks?

  Well, a bra hook is often the measure of the band of a person wearing the bra. It is the part of the band that lets us know where we fall on the width scale. For instance, the size of your bust and bra are not always the same, two women of very different statures could both wear a size 36C it is the bra hook that allows both women the freedom to wear the same bra at their individual level of comfort.

How to properly use Hooks?

  Some people believe that simply placing the hook on the closest or farthest point of the hook is a determinant of weight and therefore self-consciously go for the closest one, as a show of being the right weight or a few who go for the furthest hook, for comfort. Either way, there are two major ways to decide the placement.

  First, elasticity, the older a bra gets the looser the waistband becomes making it hard to offer the same level of support. Moving the band farther down as the elasticity wanes is always a great idea.

  The other way is by comfort, however, not by assumed comfort based on personal preconceptions. A good way to do this is to turn the bra upside down and let the claps face you, wherever is most comfortable when the band is worn right over, he first rib cage.

  Try some of our latest bra releases with these tips; Biscuit by Sawren, Cage by Axami and Patrice by Vova.

Love Lavinia, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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