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Padded Panties, Yay or Nay?

Hey Lovelies,

 Ever wondered what the fashion mill was dishing out? Or even why for some reason everyone in the media seems to have a more bubble butt? Maybe you’re simply bored at home and looking to explore the latest “on dit”. Regardless of your reason, I’m glad you stopped by today. In this week’s segment of the lingerie on the debate, we are exploring padded panties.

 Yes, you heard that right - padded panties. The newest craze to make its mark in 2019 seems to have ushered its way into 2020 as well. So, what exactly are padded panties? Just like the name infers, they are bottoms that add padding to the butt. Essentially, they do the same work as a padded bra, but on the butt.

 What’s so controversial about that? Well, for the most part, nothing. The reason why they are being debated has more to do with the design and placement than anything. Whereas with a bra the extra padding is placed slightly above the padding of material to push the cup up and elevate the view of the cleavage, it can get a little trickier with panties.

 For one, there is a lack of support to hold up the padding intact the way the bands of bras do, which creates a drooping effect beneath clothes when the person wearing them moves in swift motions or doesn’t get a perfectly fitted size. Another thing being debated is the purpose of them, many people believe they are nearly efficient enough to be marketable, and their use just doesn’t seem needed.

 Now, while we can all agree that the points made by naysayers are valid., that is still no reason to completely rule them out. Especially, if you ever felt like you would like to try one. Consider that newer and more innovative designs are being crafted that help counter the effects highlighted above. And just because something isn’t a need doesn’t exclude it from being a want. Simply make sure to follow my tips on choosing the right panties when making your decision to ensure it creates the desired effect.

 Still not feeling the padded panties, here are a few padded bras you’ll love; Kostar, Amore and Luna.


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