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Sexy Stockings Amante by Fiore

The Practicality of Sexy Lingerie

Hello Lovelies,

  It is an undisputed fact that nothing can invoke the thought of glamour as quickly and or effectively as Lingerie and Jewelry. For centuries they have both been used as symbols of class and austerity. Many of us are tied to the usual one-piece lingerie that we get when we think of spicing things up or simply feel sexually vibrant. 

  However, there is so much more to the world of lingerie than initially meets the eye or is commonly advertised. Truth is that lingerie can be just as practical as they are sexual. To prove this, here are a few less popular lingerie items and their practical uses.

Sexy Black Lingerie Set Demi Bra Sheer Garter Belt Panties  Garters. Although garters are more often considered erotic lingerie and often associated with boudoirs, thanks to their representation in media. They can also be very practical. The garter consists of a band that stretches across the lower abdomen with four straps attached on the sides. These are belts that come with strings or clips that help keep stockings or tights in place. That jumping or falling thing your leggings or sucks do? Yeah, that can be easily fixed with a garter. Most garters also come with a thicker band-belt that makes for the illusion of a flatter mid-region, Defile by Lauma.

  Slips. Slips are a more sensual leaning lingerie. These gorgeous dresses are often worn casually at home or as nightgowns. But they are actually designed for a much more practical reason. To keep your clothes from sticking to your skin and making you feel uncomfortable. They were popularized in the late 1700s and are making a much-needed comeback. Sollea by Anais.

  Corsets do much of the same jobs as bodysuit or teddy lingerie by helping to center the chest area, but that’s only a side effect! Their real purpose is to serve as a shaper, helping to emphasize the curve while synching the waist. Corsets are also great for maintaining a better back posture. However, they should not be worn for a long stretch. Navy by Lauma.

 Learn anything new? Let me know in the comment section!


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