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Quarter Cup / Open Cup Bras

Quarter Cup/Open Cup Bras

  Like all clothing items, lingerie is a form of self-expression. It is only natural that when someone is going through a more exciting period in their life, their lingerie will also reflect it which means they will seek out more exciting pieces to wear.

  Here at Lavinia, we are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of all our customers, by ensuring you have a vast number of options available to you. It is also important that you have important information concerning the items you are interested in to guarantee all purchases are both ethical and satisfactory. That brings us to the interest of the blog, quarter cup bras.

  Quarter cup or open cup bras are cut in the size of regular size bras with one core difference, less material and I am talking way less. That means the cleavage cut is about a “quarter” the length of regular-sized bras. It will often consist of an underwire, a low-cut cup, and a bra hook to hold the band in place.

  These bras are often considered erotic due to how low their cuts are in comparison to what we consider regular. Some types of these are open cups and cupless bras. So, now that we know a few types here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

  Are Quarter cup bras supportive? Well, this is a little tricky, but we can go with a yes for this. The reason being most quarter cup bras come with an underwire which is where the bulk of support comes from.  You can expect the same range of support as you would get from a balconette if there is an underwire that is.

  Are Quarter cups slutty? Well, I’m going to go with no comment. They are most definitely sexy though and offer a component of risqué eroticism that some of us a favor. So, I guess I’ll leave that up to your discernment.

  How to wear a Quarter cup bra? This one is simple, however, you would like due to the cut and design, there is more freedom in the area of how the bras can be styled/worn. You can wear it above, below or without a bralette or other form of covering. It is simply important that you are comfortable. *When wearing below a covering, adjust the band of the hook to free up a little space for comfort.

  Now that you know the basics try out our; Intense Open Cup Bra by Lisca, Castle in the Sky by Axami, and Miamor by Obsessive


Luxury Open Cup Bra Lisca Intense Cage Open Cup Bra Axami Castle in the Sky  Open Cup Bra & Lace Thong Set Obsessive Miamor

Love Lavinia

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Lavinia - January 7, 2023

Cherry, the open cup bras are typically not worn under regular t-shirts, as they are designed to be more revealing. They are usually worn on special occasions, such as a night out or a lingerie photoshoot. If you are interested in purchasing a quarter-cup bra, we have a wide selection available in our store:

Cherry - January 7, 2023

Do you wear an Open cup bra under the regular T-shirt .Or are they worn on only special occasion .? Your article did inform me about the differences between various types of bras .If I even buy a Quarter Cup bra I ll buy it from your store .

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