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Single’s Awareness Day - February 15

 Hey Darlings,

  Valentine’s Day may be gone. But the sentiments are sure to have us feeling the blues for at least one more week. The week started with the usual social media content that landed itself on full-scale attempts, proposals, and “baecations”. Of course, this is all well and good if you are one part of a couple of coupling. However, for some of our Valentine’s Day is just another reminder of our forever alone status. Not to worry, because in the mix of all the heavy dosage of romance that floods our lives at this time of the year, there is also the very important, and often forgotten gift that is Singles Awareness day.

  While I imagine that the naming of the day has some irony to it. We cannot underplay the importance of a day, dedicated to the most important relationship you will ever have, self. The relationship with one’s self is the only one we cannot leave. It is truly the lifelong commitment that we in fact did not sign up for. Therefore, after all the roses are swept and the ribbons are cut. A day like tomorrow is needed.

"Self-love is a top of what lingerie is about"

  I certainly don’t want to say anything you have already seen or to a degree, are aware of. But self-love is a top part of what lingerie is about. And an even bigger part of what we at Lavinia strive for. That doesn’t change the fact that it still leaves us with some 20+ hours of a day we don’t really know how to commemorate. The best part about this years celebration is that it falls on the weekend which means, many of us single people get a much needed holiday to concentrate on ourselves. How do we do this?

  Here are great ways to spend and commemorate the day, feel free to do this in any order or simply do one all day, however, we recommend pacing yourself with a few of these.

  Sleep. Yup, sleep. It’s the one time we all get to zone out our brains get to take a nice long rest and our bodies simply relax.

 Get a massage. Massages are tension relieving and body rejuvenating exercises that help keep you feeling and looking good. Can’t afford an appointment, get a mobile body massager for half of the price.

 Get some lingerie. It doesn’t matter what plans you have or don’t. Lingerie shopping and dressing are some of those self-gratifying hobbies that I can’t help but get behind.

  Speak and meditate on positive energies. Maintaining a spiritual and physical state of wellness is very important. Allow yourself a moment to truly feel great inside and out.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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