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Deep Plunge Cleavage bra

Taking the Plunge

Hey Loves,

 I hope we are all having a lovely evening. Today's big question is, what is the one lingerie that I have been missing out on. Well, the answer is plunge bras. These bras are so underrated and misunderstood that most people tend to avoid them. I’m here to tell you no more. If you really want to make a daring splash and have a much-needed contribution to your lingerie collection, you are going to need to make room for plunge bras.

What are they?

 Plunge bras are simply lowcut bras with deeper cuts and lower bridges. They are more popularly worn with lower cut tops and dresses. 


 Well, there are several reasons why these bras come in handy. The primary reason is they do not peak through low cut clothes. That means wearing a dress or top with a deep cut and bountiful cleavage no longer means you must suffer through constantly dipping the bra down or going without support-this sentiment is more common with women that have bigger busts.

 Another great thing about plunge bras is that by nature of their design they are great cleavage enhancers. This means you not only get support when wearing deep cleavage cut clothes but also create a captivating image.

 Lastly, another great benefit of the design comes in the form of flattery. Due to their shape and cut, plunge bras can create a more flattering look on most people than other bra designs.

 Now that we have established just how great the plunge bra is, how do we get the right one.

 Sizing is key, never go down a size. Ever. Due to their design and material its always best to try on a plunge bra in your exact size, some plunge bras may even work better by going up a size.

 Fit, make sure the cup covers all of the busts on the side. This is to ensure the right fit and effect.

 If you’ve never gotten a plunge bra before its best to get fitted before making that choice.

 Now that you are ready to take the plunge, here are three great plunge bras everyone needs in their closet; Gossard, Stefi and Raspberry Kiss.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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