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The Swim Season: Guess The New Black!

The Swim Season: Guess The New Black!

It’s vacation season! Whether you’re getting away for the summer or simply planning to spend every weekend at your local pool, we’ve put together some top tips on how to shop for swimwear.

#1 Bra sized swimwear

There’s a reason why we love swimwear from lingerie brands—they translate their bra-fitting expertise into bra-sized bikinis that fit just right. Here at Lavinia Lingerie, we offer swimwear by European lingerie brand Lauma Lingerie, which has been producing fashion lingerie since it was founded in Latvia in 1971. You’ll find on-trend, cup-sized swimwear in sizes up to 42DDD/F for a glamorous look with a supportive fit.

#2 Navy is the new black

Many of us simply grab a black bikini or one-piece, believing that black is the most flattering option. Not so fast: navy is actually softer against the skin, and it’s just as flattering. We love the Regatta collection by Lauma Lingerie, which comes in navy with red accents for a nautical feel.

#3 Body-balancing bikini briefs

Bikini briefs come in varying degrees of coverage—and you can use this to find the best style for your silhouette.

If you’re a pear shape, choose tie side or classic bikini briefs with less coverage to draw the eye upwards. (Another great reason to choose tie side bikini briefs? You can adjust the ties to fit). If you are wider on top, try a full bikini brief instead: the extra fabric will draw the eye downwards to balance out your silhouette. And if you have an hourglass shape? Go for a bikini set which offers the same level of coverage top and bottom.

#4 Smile! You’re going on vacation

Shopping for swimwear can be daunting, but think of it as a pleasure, not a chore—you’re going on vacation, after all. If you’re feeling pale, consider having a spray tan to get yourself in the vacation mood before you start trying on swimwear. And remember that positivity is the best body-confidence booster there is, so picture yourself on the sun-lounger and don’t forget to smile.

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