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March 10, 2019

We get it: it can be hard enough to figure out your correct bra size, without throwing international differences into the mix too. When a bra 36DDD/F in US sizing is a 36E in the UK, but an 80E in Europe, it’s easy to get confused.


Here at Lavinia, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to shop, which is why we convert everything to the US sizing on the website — so you can feel confident ordering your usual size, no matter whether the bra was made in the US, the UK or Europe. We know, however, that it can be confusing when you receive your new lingerie only to find that the size looks different on the label, so here’s what you need to know.


International bra sizing explained.


First, the good news: Your band size number will be the same in both the UK and the US. When it comes to European sizes, though, it’s a different story. For example, the UK/US band sizes go from 28 to 52 whereas in most European countries it's 60-120. In France, however, they like to do things differently, so the corresponding band sizes are 75-105 instead.


As for cup sizing, everything is in sync up to the letter D — and after that, confusion reigns. A DDD/F in the US corresponds to an E cup in the UK and Europe, which then throws everything else out of alignment. To add the confusion, the UK doubles up, with FF, GG, and HH, while the US and Europe progress in single letters up the alphabet. The letter I, meanwhile, is used as a cup size in the US, but not in the UK or Europe.


Don’t panic, though, because we’ve done the hard work for you and converted everything to the US sizing on the product page. And if you’d like to know more, check out our international size conversion charts here.

Discover more options with sister sizing.


Bra Sister SIzes  

Have you heard of sister sizing? It’s a clever way to work out which size to try if your bra doesn’t quite fit — if you’re trying out a new brand, for example — and you need to move up or downsize while keeping the same cup volume.

 How does it work? The key is to remember that the cup size (the letter) is always related to the band size (the number); they work together. So let’s say you are wearing a 32C and it feels a little tight in the band. If you were to simply size up to a 34C, the band might fit but the cups would be too big.

To find the size equivalent, you need to size down in the cup every time you size up in the band, and vice versa. So the sister sizes for a 32C are 34B and 30D.

Got it? To find your sister sizes, look for your bra size in the chart here. Your sister sizes will be the ones immediately before and after it, working horizontally.

For more sizing help, visit our fitting room



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