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Why You're Failing at Seducing Your Partner

Dear Lovelies,

 Today we are going to take a nosedive into the simple things we are doing wrong in terms of seducing our partners. Sure, it is one thing to have a person with you, and commitments are important. However, over time, things may change, and passion can quickly turn into compassion.

There is certainly nothing wrong with that. in fact, compassion is believed to be what makes a relationship last. However, this level of comfort can also lead to unhappiness. Since we may begin to take our partners for granted in many ways. In many sexual relationships, a look in the bedroom can often tell you the real state of the bond, since intimacy is a strong component of happiness in any relationship.

To avoid the spark that keeps passion flowing growing dim, here are a few tips to consider.

Old lingerie. Old lingerie is certainly not sexy. Sure, you don’t have to come into bed 7 nights a week decked out in a three to five-piece lingerie set. Try and spice things up by spicing up your lingerie collection. Showing your partner, you still got it and that you still care what they think is a great way to build intimacy.

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Conversation. If the conversation you are having in the bedroom does not directly express your enjoyment or relate to the sexual intercourse taking place, you need to save it for another time. While mundane or comedic conversation during sex can be a sign of comfort, turning it into a habit creates the illusion that the sex occurring is just as mundane or comedic as the conversation is to you.

Arguments. Arguments are a normal part of every relationship. However, ignoring the common saying, it is best to leave the arguments for somewhere else. The beauty of our brains is the associations it makes. If all you do in the bedroom is argue, you will begin dreading the sight and feeling of being in it sooner than you realize.

Reward systems. Reward systems are for children learning basic things and teaching your dog tricks. They are not for your sexual or intimate relationships. The act of intimacy is to be enjoyed by both parties, using a reward system implies that it is a chore for one person, and suggest an imbalance in satisfaction.

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Guilty of any of these? Leave a comment.

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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