Bra Extenders @ Lavinia Lingerie

As a lingerie retailer, bra extenders shouldn't make sense. If your bra band is too tight, you should be fitted for a new size. In fact, industry specialists claim that over 75% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Although in the past year, I discovered that bra extenders have their uses. During pregnancy and the early weeks of breastfeeding, your breast size is in a state of flux. And while buying a new bra every few weeks is great for retailers, it's not very practical. This is where bra extenders come in handy. The band size of your bra can temporarily be extended while your body changes in preparation for the baby. You can use either one or two extenders. Personally, I found one to be sufficient. They typically come in sets of two and often in neutral colors such as nude, white and black. In a nutshell, they are small pieces of material, similar to the back closure of your bra, with either one, two or three rows of hook and eye closures. If you decide to try them, first take a look at your current bra(s) to see how many rows are present. Based on the bra style and size, the number of rows will vary. Typically, larger band and cup sizes have more rows for additional support. Don't forget to make a mental note of the count as they do not work well on a mismatched number of rows. If you find yourself in a similar situation during your pregnancy, check out this inexpensive and quick solution for your expanding body and overall comfort.

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