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Sheer plus size bra red lingerie set

12 Best Lingerie Styles To Flaunt on International Women’s Day

March is when we celebrate International Women’s Day. Why not dial up the celebration by treating yourself or your partner to a few choice pieces of lingerie? After all, wearing the right lingerie that’s sexy and comfortable is a pretty empowering way to celebrate womanhood.

Don’t know where to start? Allow us to help you with 12 of the best lingerie styles to stoke feminine power and appeal. 

Let’s get started!


#1. Babydolls

No piece of lingerie is more feminine, fun, and flattering than a gorgeous babydoll negligee. Comfortable yet cute and sexy, this garment is perfect for lounging at home and sharing a hot night in with your partner. Babydolls are generally sleeveless, come in different shapes and sizes, and are adorned with a loose-fitting skirt, adjustment straps, and bosom cups for a comfortable fit. 

When it comes to babydolls, Lavinia Lingerie offers a wide range of options from transparent, flowy laces to open-front sheer dresses that are sure to make you feel anything but demure.

Sexy Sheer Babydoll Bordeaux Lingerie


#2. Bralette

Providing maximum comfort and minimal fuss, bralettes are bras without stiff underwires. You can wear these feminine, versatile, and fashionable garments to enhance your silhouette under a blazer, jacket, and shirt or as a stand-alone top with high-waisted pants. 

For some great options, make your way to Lavinia Lingerie’s website. From soft lace and delicate sheers to versatile necklines, Lavinia offers several options in various colors and fabrics.



#3. Bodysuits

If you’re looking for an attractive piece of lingerie to highlight your feminine figure, a bodysuit may just be what you need. An essential item for most women, bodysuits are skin-tight, figure-hugging, one-piece stretch garments usually worn with trousers, skirts, or beneath a suit jacket or under a shirt. 

Bodysuits from Lavinia Lingerie are a perfect blend of grace and elegance. They come in various colors, fabrics, patterns, and styles to suit your preferences.

Bodysuit Perfect Cassic


#4. Thongs

Although thongs evolved from short panties as a way to conceal visible panty lines when wearing tight light-colored pants, jeans, and leggings, it’s now a statement of feminine sensuality. 

Sexy, and seductive, a thong is a charming addition to your lingerie selection. If you’re looking for some tasteful, stylish, and comfortable thongs, Lavinia Lingerie has several fantastic options for you from luxurious silk ones to simple cotton to satin embellished lace thongs.


#5. Panties

Practical and super useful, your choice of panties is a simple way to remain feminine and fashionable. Panties from Lavinia Lingerie aren’t just luxurious but are also comfortable, weightless, and sexy. If you’re in the mood for mischief and magic in the bedroom, a seductive pair of lacy panties can instantly turn up the heat for you. Pretty, cute, and with a hint of naughty, you’ll love wearing lace panties from Lavinia Lingerie. 

Looking for underwear that’s stylish and comfortable? Try a Brazilian panty! They’re comfortable, chic, and designed to conceal and reveal all the right parts.

Sheer Mesh Brazilian Panty Kinga Mist


#6. Corsets

A perfect mix of sweet and sensual, these ultra-flattering lingerie essentials are made to highlight and enhance your best assets. They’re great for shrinking the waistline and giving your breasts an attractive lift. Corsets from Lavinia Lingerie come in a wide range of colors, sizes, patterns, and details from ultra-feminine cleavage-enhancing corsets to classy striped corsets that create a slimming and tantalizing silhouette.


#7. Camisole

A camisole is a loose-fitting, sleeveless undergarment with thin spaghetti straps. It can easily double up as loungewear and office wear. For some amazing choices in camisoles, check out Lavinia Lingerie’s collection. From sheer lace underwire camisoles to seamless constructions, their tops are comfortable and luxurious. Camisoles from Lavinia Lingerie also come with built-in bras and cups to firmly nestle and accentuate your bust, making it an excellent undergarment for days when you want to feel bold and beautiful.


#8. Nightwear

After a long workday, few things are more satisfying than slipping into comfortable nightwear. Whether you go for robes or gowns, Lavinia Lingerie offers enchanting options for sleepwear that are suitable for every body type. From gorgeous satin robes that are perfect for a date night at home to classic silk pajamas for lazy weekends, they come in several comfy fabrics and dreamy colors.


#9. Stockings

Winter or summer, stockings are ever so useful no matter the season. Sleek, chic, and flaunt-worthy, stockings can effortlessly up your sex appeal by accentuating your legs and making them look flawless. They pair well with most outfits like oversized shirt dresses, denim shorts, and pencil skirts. If you're looking for some excellent choices in stockings, take a look at Lavinia Lingerie’s collections. From sheer to lace and silk to fishnet, they have some of the most fashionable stockings you can imagine.


#10. Bras

Bras come in a variety of styles to suit different needs and preferences. You can be sophisticated, comfortable, and sexy while having just the right amount of support for your breasts. 

If you’re looking for maximum comfort, go for bras without underwires. If you’re looking to enhance your shape while remaining fashionable, opt for push-up and sheer lacy bras. Whichever you prefer, Lavinia Lingerie is sure to have it. Lavinia has a collection of enchanting lacy floral bras with and without underwire that exude comfort and sensuality.


#11. Bikini

A classic favorite among women, a bikini is a piece of lingerie that needs no explanation. Convenient and elegant, these inner garments come in various styles and designs to help you show off your flawless, tanned skin at the beach or pool. Bikinis from Lavinia are sweet and sexy with touches of pretty lace and sheer peek-a-boo mesh fabrics.


#12. Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are panties that are very similar to male shorts. They provide coverage to the back, sides, and thigh top. Feminine and sensual, boy shorts are often used as nightwear or beach sportswear apparel since they’re comfortable and give an athletic look to women. Boy shorts from Lavinia Lingerie come in various styles, fabrics, and prints, with some of them having garter belts and clips that help hold up thigh-high stockings.



How many of these lingerie styles do you have in your wardrobe? It may be time to replace old pieces or add new ones to your lingerie collection. 

International Women’s Day doesn’t just mean celebrating it at work. You can celebrate womanhood on a more personal and intimate level with any of these beautiful pieces from Lavinia Lingerie.

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