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5 Horrible Mistakes You're Making with Plus Size Lingerie Shopping

5 Horrible Mistakes You're Making with Plus Size Lingerie Shopping

 Plus size shopping can be difficult made even more so when shopping in the lingerie category.  This is due to the discrimination in the fashion world, many brands do not offer plus-sized options and when they do, it is often a very limited range in size.

The fact is everyone deserves to feel confident and sexy in whatever they wear, even more so when in lingerie, the symbol of sexiness. Sadly, that can be hard when choosing from limited availability. Here at Lavinia, we offer an extensive sizing range across our brands and designs, ensuring that every customer gets not only the best deal for their buck but also the best fit.

To make sure that happens I have come up with a list of five mistakes we make while shopping for plus size lingerie.

Too small: this is a very common mistake and more popular among larger sized women. The assumption is buying something a size smaller will help create a tighter fit, and while that may be true in most cases it is also incredibly unhealthy and does not create the desired visual effect.

Full Figure Unlined Bra Gorsenia Luisse

Too much black: being on the thicker side often means a more extensive range of black clothing. This while flattering is dull and not very adventurous. Shed your fear and glow in more colors like red, pink, purple, and green. Bright colors are great at elevating moods and sparking energy into our activities.

Plus Size Unlined Full Figure Bra Lauma Vivian

Not bold: Just like adding color makes a difference, so do other designs. There is a popular misconception that plus-sized women need to shy away from more erotic or seductive designs and cuts. However, this is false. Size is not a determinant of sex appeal which means, regardless of your size, you should feel comfortable and fit to wear as many sexy and daring cuts as you would like. Try animal prints, or more erotic cuts.

Lace Balconette Bra Lavinia Lingerie Mia

Avoiding Sizing Charts: Knowing your size is one thing but scrolling and gauging your brand size is another. Brands are infamous for having unique sizing charts, which can be based on country differences or just preferences, either way, having prior knowledge of your measurements or making choices based on size charts is important.

Impatient shopping: one of the worst things you can do is take an impatient attitude when shopping. It is important to weigh options and carefully run through other tips and your preferences before making any decisions.

Remember we have customer service available to help with all demands.



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