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6 Bra Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  Whether you’re wearing a brassiere under your clothing to the office or for your partner on a special occasion, a bra can make you feel sexy and empowered. However, most women make a lot of mistakes when it comes to buying and maintaining their bras. Here are 6 bra mistakes you’re probably making.

6 Bra Mistakes You’re Probably Making

  Finding a bra that fits well can leave you stressed and even make you avoid lingerie stores. Our tips will help you correct any mistakes you might have been making.

Wearing a Bra with a Tight Band

  Bra bands are designed to provide great support. However, if the band is too tight, it can poke into your sensitive skin and create painful bulges on your sides and back. Fortunately, there are bras designed for sensitive skin to ensure you don’t sacrifice comfort.

  Likewise, if your band is too loose, it can make the cups fall down due to hiking up in the back and cause your boobs to sag. Just because a brassier tag indicates it’s a certain size, you shouldn’t buy it as it may not be the perfect fit.

Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

  If you have ever worn a big band then you may have experienced that frustrating gap in your cup. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t select your bra by cup size. Instead, begin with the numerical band size because cup sizes are related to band sizes.

  This will allow you to find the perfect fitting bra instead of being among the 80% to 85% of ladies wearing the wrong size. Fortunately, the store attendant can guide you when fitting your bra.

Washing and Drying Incorrectly

  The right way to wash your bra is to hand wash it because bras have multiple fabrics that can be damaged with a washing machine. Moreover, t-shirt and molded cup bras can dint in the machine.

  You should also avoid putting bras in the dryer. The wires can come out and destroy the shape of your bra. Plus, the heat isn’t friendly to the fabric. Lastly, dry them flat and leave them indoors. The water tends to pull on the elastic if you hang them up.

Storing Bras Unwashed

  Develop a habit of storing your bras when you have washed them. A one-day rotation is ideal. Wear your undergarment for one day and then wash it. If you store it unwashed, it will begin to collect sweat and dirt, which can break away the elastic.

  While you may have one bra you love, you shouldn’t wear it two days in a row to allow the elastic to regain its strength. One thing that can help strengthen the elastic is washing it with cold water as it doesn’t strain it.

Keeping a Bra for a Long Time

  Most ladies wear their favorite brassiere all the time. However, this stretches out your bra leaving you with an undergarment that doesn’t fit properly. Ideally, a bra can last about eight months.

  After that, the band becomes weak and won’t support you anymore. Stock up your closet with 7 to 8 brassieres so that you can rotate them throughout the week to avoid wearing the same bra every day. This will make your bras last longer.

Allowing the Band To Ride Up Your Back

  If the back band is higher than the underwire, the bra won’t fit you properly. So go a size down if you’re wearing your undergarment on the tightest closure or size up if the band is poking into your skin.

  A band that’s too low or too high can create bulging because it presses on the skin it’s not supposed to. A good band should either be below or parallel to the underwire or in the center of your back.


  We hope you now know how to fix the above bra mistakes. Remember a well-fitting bra can make your clothing look better while wearing the wrong size can limit the outfits you can wear.

Love Lavinia

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Lavinia - January 7, 2023

Jo, it is likely that the bra is either too small in the band size or too large in the cup size. If the band size is too small, it will cause the cups to be too close together, resulting in a poking sensation. If the cup size is too large, it will cause the cups to be too far apart, resulting in the same sensation. It is important to make sure that you are wearing the correct size bra for your body type.

Jo - January 7, 2023

What would be the cause of a bra that pokes into the area between your breast becoming quite uncomfortable. Is to the wrong band size, or wrong cup size causing the trouble. I have had this happen in several styles of my bras.

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