Bra Fitting

That is, finding the right bra size to fit your bust is extremely important for your comfort and confidence level - not forgetting how sexy you feel in it. Would you bet the bank that you're wearing the correct bra size? Many women today would be surprised to discover that the answer is no, not to mention that they've lost money needlessly. Just because you've been wearing the same size for years doesn't make it right. Our breasts change over our adult life whether, from pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, weight loss or weight gain and yet, we do not see the need to change it or check it. We're more likely to change our pant or shirt size than our bra size. Manufacturers also do not make it easier either. In fact, a size 34C can vary from brand to brand. That's why we have a tendency to buy bras from the same manufacturer repeatedly once we find a winning fit. Keep in mind, bra styles can also impact the fit of the bra and ultimately influence your attitude toward trying on bras. For example, a balcony bra may not be appropriate for someone with really full breasts, nor a full cup bra for someone with less on the upper portion of their breasts. It may not be fun, but we recommend checking your bra size every few years and especially when you've had a baby or gained or lost weight. Grab a cloth tape measure in the privacy of your home and check it. Feeling less confident about your attempt, go to any lingerie shop and have a professional do it for you. Remember to ask them what the measurements are. If you are one of the few out there that falls into the category of half sizes, you should try both the lower and higher sizes. Most fitters will recommend the higher size and unless they are really experienced, they may misguide you. Trial and error work. Now, if you're ready to tackle the task, here are two methods you can use: Visit our bra sizing chart and follow the measuring instructions. It may be a hassle, but trying a bra on always pays off in the end. Even fancy bras stay in the drawer when they don't really fit right. When trying on a new bra, lean forward and lift and place each breast into the cup. Put your shirt back on and see if your silhouette appears normal. Your bra should not be overly noticeable to the eye. If it's comfortable, does not feel tight in the back or ride up, your breasts do not spill over the cup and the material of the cups does not pucker, consider buying it. You just might be happy with your purchase and re-visit the lingerie shop again for either a practical or frivolously pretty new bra. Remember: Keep your "girls" happy and well supported. :)

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