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Sexy Lace Lingerie

Counting Down 5 Of our Most Seductive Lingerie Looks

Hello, Darlings!

 Its Valentine's season and you know what that means. We are all getting geared for what we hope will be a very seductive and romantic night. This may or may not involve candles and roses, or even scented balms. What we do know we cannot have a successful night without is daring and seductive lingerie.

 Lingerie like the red hearts is synonymous with Valentine’s Day and the steamy activities that take place on that evening. So, it is only natural that we at Lavinia do a countdown on what we consider to be our five most seductive styles by highlight once lingerie pieces in the set.

  As always, we recommend buying the set but can’t fault you if you would rather create a unique set based on a mix of items.

 Sollea by Anais, this sexy lace chemise is the must-have on our least. Pair this with a silk robe, only for the taste of satisfaction from when you drop the robe and your partner gets a view of what you got wrapped around your body.

 Florence by Rosme, this artistic set is sure to create the innocent seductress you’ve been dying to role play to a whole new level. A beautiful mix of pattern and material these briefs, and their matching sets are a must-have.

 White Love by Lauma, trying to remind your partner about the joys of marital bliss, or simply looking to roleplay the stranded bride, or maybe white is your color? Whatever the reason, this bridal number earns its name it tenfold. This garter can be paired with a dashing red set for contrast or bought with its matching bra and panties to complete the bridal look.

 Jewels by Lauma, another captivating design that was rightfully named. Give your partner the gift of supple cupping and cleavage enhancement this valentine’s day with Lauma’s jewels collection. 

 Madison by Sawren, This may be the only red on our list, but this collection stands out without a doubt. A stylish blend of lace and cotton, Sawren brings out the dreamer and passionate lover in all of us with this enchanting set.

Remember, nothing says I appreciate you, like sexy lingerie!


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