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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Discovering The Alluring World Of Intimates With Ajour

Discovering The Alluring World Of Intimates With Ajour

Choosing a new set of lingerie is always a journey in the vast world of colors, fabrics, textures, laces, crystals, pearls and above all - fearless, adventurous and flirtatious imagination. Already 10 years AJOUR lingerie designers surprise their customers with beautiful, creative top-quality lingerie in national and international level.


AJOUR Lingerie - The Blend of Stunning Quality and Artistry.

The founders of the brand AJOUR Vitaliy and Tatyana Novitskiy are extremely responsible for their brand and will ensure that only the best fabrics from France and Italy are used in their collections. Each model is tested many times before its release and is produced only when it has received the excellent evaluation - sure proof that your new lingerie will be the best purchase! AJOUR offers a wide range of lingerie, swimsuits as well as chic loungewear and colorful swimsuit collections for kids. Every woman can find something beautiful, unique and comfortable for herself as there are more than 10 forms of cups in collections and up to 15 different models in each line. Let us take a quick look at what AJOUR has to offer! AJOUR for Her:
  • Sexy lingerie - let them eyes melt! Stunning sophisticated laces and ultimately tasteful models for some of the spiciest moments! This is a real eye-candy and will make every woman feel desirable, confident and irresistible;
  • Lingerie - the perfect balance between elegance, luxury and comfort. Stunning lingerie to make you feel special each and every day;
  • Swimwear - there is always a perfect beach day somewhere in the world! Hence, you should always be ready to take out your classy beachwear. AJOUR offers colorful and brave models for ladies and also similar swimsuit versions for little princesses as well;
  • Loungewear - the right choice for all those amazing Sunday mornings with breakfast in bed! Feel cozy and adorable in AJOUR’s lovely morning dresses, gowns and pajamas!

Sexy Sheer Lace Ajour Lingerie

AJOUR collections offer an unforgettable lingerie for every event and situation - be it lazy Sunday mornings, casual workdays or sassy evenings out. AJOUR designers are working endlessly on new ideas and designs to surprise you every season. Let AJOUR invite you to the unforgettable and stunning world of lingerie! Visit Lavinia Lingerie’s online shop, explore the collections and find your favorites!

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