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How Sheer Can You Go

How Sheer Can You Go

Hey Lovelies,

We have officially made it to the third week of January. By now, many of our new year resolutions aren’t looking as feasible as we would have hoped. In fact, you likely gave them two shots and realized that they were not exactly what you had hoped for. Now, here you are scrolling on the blog and hoping for some new year's inspiration to either keep you motivated on the goals you set before or to replace them entirely with more feasible options. Well, you’re just in luck.

From the name, it may be harder to understand how exactly today's blog is going to help you accomplish all the things listed above. Well, it may not help everyone, but I do guarantee it will help some. How, well let’s get into it. For many of us, our new year's resolution was shedding some weight. For others, it was being more daring. And considering the new decade, some of us wanted to step out of our comfort zones and try something new and shall we say, mature. This is where sheer lingerie comes in handy.

Sheer lingerie is one of those things that we tend to either be in love with or have little to no interest in. This is mostly due to the nature of the material, you know, it being transparent and all. Now, not all sheer lingerie is completely transparent, and most times come in gradient lace and tulle levels. Most people go for less sheer options because they believe that completely sheer materials are too risqué.

Too risqué could mean no modest enough to some, or just too erotic for others. Now, I bet you are all still wondering exactly how this will help with those resolutions? Simple.

Trying to lose weight? Most people find that they feel more comfortable in sheer lingerie when they burn off excess fat or lose some undesired weight. Buy a nice sheer set and use this as inspiration to reach your desired goal.

Trying to be bolder? Lingerie is a confidence builder for many reasons, and nothing inspires us to be bolder than the confidence we get from wearing bold lingerie.

Looking to try more mature themes? Get in touch with your inner vixen by trying out our most sheer bras; Florence Bra by Rosme, Cherry Bra by Kinga and Defile Panty by Lauma.

Floral Lace Lingerie - Full Figure Bra & High Waist Panty

Remember, new years are for new things!

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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