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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Warm Long Robe Lauma Lingerie Celestine Red

How to get the perfect Night Robe

Hey Darlings,

Its that time of the year. Winter is in full swing and it is officially cozy weather. That means we are all getting a little more snooze time in, probably because we are spending more time beneath our duvets. Well, regardless of how cold it gets, the law of life stands true. Lingerie must always be worn.

Just kidding. However, it is true that for those of us who love to wear lingerie the winter can be a bit of a hassle, especially when trying to create a certain look. Three-piece set lingerie and stilettos don’t look as compelling when the person wearing them is shivering. That’s why the piece of the day is so important. Night robes.

Night robes are a lingerie piece that cannot be under or overdone. They are a perfect addition to any lingerie look and offer comfort through it. picture this, you’re wearing your favorite lingerie piece waiting for your partner to come in and appreciate the look. Then you feel a chill from outside, all of a sudden you don’t feel so sexy or alluring. Well, that’s where night robes come in. simply drape a lace or sating robe and be amazed at how warm you feel while still maintaining the aesthetic you desire.

They also don’t need to be worn just for colds. Night robes are great for draping when going around the house commando or simply heading to the bathroom to shower. They are a great blend of convenience and comfort. Like many other types of lingerie, there are different types of Night robes, here are three kinds we swear by and links to them.

The bathrobe: the bathing robe is simple and soft with material designed to keep you dry and warm. Try our latest release, Celestine by Lauma.

Classical robe: soft and comfortable, this robe is designed to be worn for daily and casual activity around the house. Try our kimono themed floral robe, Indiana by Ajour.

Lace Robe: lace, satin, and silk robes are draped over lingerie or nightdresses to add to the seductive aesthetic. They can also be worn around the home. Try our Love story by Lauma and  Cosima by Vova.

Warm Hooded Robe Lauma Celestine


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