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Can Sheer Bras Be Supportive

Dear Readers,

  Sheer Bras are one of the smartest design decisions out there. The addition of this artistic choice regardless of the capacity makes for a very sexy finished product. It's no surprise that sheer bras are one of our top sellers. However, like all popular items, these bras come with their share of curiosity.

  The thing is the very scandal of the effect of the material has made the sheer bra a hot topic in the lingerie world. And we recently also answered why we have to blur some of our models wearing sheer bras. However, there are still quite a few questions that relate to sheer bras we are yet to answer, the highest of which is can sheer bras be supportive?

  This question is far more popular than most people realize, a huge reason for this is popular media marketing; the models we often see are younger, thinner and with smaller busts, the pictures are often photoshopped so we cannot judge the bras accurately. As a result. people often assume the soft and light material would make a horrible choice for support.

  While the reasoning is right, the outcome is not. Many sheer bras come with different materials at the band and strap, where the bulk of the support is made. Here are a few of our favorite types of sheer bras, and yes ladies, they come with support.

  The Triangle Sheer Bra: This type of bra offers little support in the cup, which often helps create a sultry look. The bulk of the support is gotten from the elastic band that grips the upper waist. Try Mila by Gorteks and Courreges by Ajour for sultry deep with support.

  The Embroidered Full Cup Bra: The embroidered linen over a sheer material, is a popular design and one of the few sheer design structures where the cup equally works to offer support. Try our Olympia by Sawren.


  The Mix and Match material cup: Like the name describes this bra is comprised of a mix of sheer and other materials, this way the lower end of the cup is able to support fuller busts. The Vivian by Lisca and Euphoria by Lisca.

Love Lavinia

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