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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping Tips

Hey Loves,

 Some of us didn’t learn our lessons from the Christmas fiasco, and some of us likely won’t learn after this but what can I say, I’m a benevolent kind of girl. In honor of that benevolence, I’m offering some tips to those who so dearly need it. They know themselves.

 I am referring to my late shoppers. Not only do they wait last minute, they likely didn’t budget for how expensive gift buying can be, especially when being done for that special someone. The last thing you want is your partner feeling like you put no true effort into your gift buying. And since I cannot change you, I guess ill just have to help you.

 Here are a few tips to consider when shopping last minute for Valentine’s Day.


Think this one through. Likely the only thing on our minds when we shop last minute is if the gift, we are getting will make it on time. We forget that another synonym for delivery is presentation. That means how are you going to go about presenting a gift. A wise man once said, “with the right presentation even a tabby can look like a tiger.” Consider this when you’re buying your gift.


Another thing we lose out on when shopping in a hurry. A lot of us will forfeit reputable websites for Amazon in hopes that the 1-2 day guaranteed prime delivery kicks in. While there is nothing wrong with Amazon, it’s a lot harder to properly decide on what buys will be of quality when shopping in a hurry.


It may seem complicated, but the right three-piece set can do wonders to show appreciation. It's also a gift that gives back. Partner satisfied? Check. Are you satisfied? Check. What more could you possibly want? Most lingerie brands including we at Lavinia often offer Valentine's Day sale and Free Shipping & Returns promos. Make sure to look out for them!

 Here are a few designs we know your partner will love!

Java by Sawren, Bridgette by Domnique, and Helike by Anais


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