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Lingerie Independence Day - Freedom Of Choice

Lingerie Independence Day - Freedom Of Choice

Ready to set off some fireworks this July 4th? At Lavinia Lingerie, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate an independence day of our own. Yes, we’re talking lingerie independence.

Women have come a long way in terms of underwear. Corsets began making life uncomfortable in the Elizabethan era; by the time the whalebone corsets of the mid 19th century came along hundreds of years later, they were laced so tight that it was difficult to breathe. More recently, when Christian Dior brought back the hourglass silhouette in 1947, women turned to girdles instead—more comfortable than a Victorian corset, perhaps, but still very restrictive. It must have been a huge relief when the free-spirited 60s put an end to all of that.

Since then, lingerie has been getting steadily more comfortable. The 70s brought us sheer, lightweight bras and the invention of the thong. Today’s soft laces and microfibers mean that bras and panties are both supportive and light as a feather. And while shapewear is still around, these days it’s a matter of pulling on a pair of control panties with plenty of stretch as opposed to lacing yourself up in a corset until you can’t breathe.

And corsets themselves have got a lot more fun. Yes, they’re still with us—but they’re no longer made of whalebone and nobody is expected to wear one every single day under their clothes. Instead, today’s corsets are decorative creations designed as much for the bedroom, or underwear-as-outerwear moments, as for figure-shaping duties. We love this Rosme corseta balcony style that looks sensational but has been constructed to feel good too. Fastening with hook-and-eye closures at the back, the boned corset contains Lycra® for stretch, and has cotton-lined cups and padded shoulder straps for comfort.

Thanks to fabric technology, we’ve come to expect nothing less than utmost comfort from our lingerie. That’s something to celebrate this Independence Day.

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