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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.

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  • Balconette Bra Sexy Shapewear Lavinia Lingerie
    March 27, 2020

    Perfect Shapewear For a Hookup

      In 2020, it is nearly impossible to be in the vicinity of ten women and has none of them wearing shapewear. That’s just the way things are, from bodycon to bodysuits, and fitted upper or lower wear, shapewear are...

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  • Sexy Lace Lingerie Set - Sheer Demi Bra, Garter Belt, String Panty
    February 13, 2020

    TMI: Lingerie Edition

    Dear lingerie lovers,  Lingerie for the most part while being popular and glamorous is often considered not polite conversation. That means it isn’t exactly a topic we would bring up casually in conversation or speak of loudly in public. Even...

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  • Shapewear by Rosme
    January 19, 2020

    Waist Training Ins and Outs

    Hey Darlings, One big thing on most of our list is to lose weight. And although we started the year off with a pretty helpful tip. The process takes time. While I do not encourage doing unhealthy things to get...

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  • Sexy Black Sheer Lace Lingerie Set
    January 17, 2020

    Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Lingerie

    Hey Lovelies,  We often find ourselves thrown into the simple debates of what lingerie is supreme, more fitting and all-around more appealing than the others. Truth is, corsets or bodysuit both have their merits and what they offer to any...

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  • Lingerie Independence Day - Freedom Of Choice
    July 4, 2018

    Lingerie Independence Day - Freedom Of Choice

    Ready to set off some fireworks this July 4th? At Lavinia Lingerie, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate an independence day of our own. Yes, we’re talking lingerie independence. Women have come a long way in terms of underwear. Corsets...

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  • Best Balcony Bra @ Lavinia Lingerie
    June 19, 2018

    National Selfie Day: What Is A Belfie?

    June 21st is National Selfie Day, so here at Lavinia Lingerie we thought we’d take a look at its cheekier cousin: the belfie. What is a belfie? Quite simply, it’s a butt selfie: a selfie, but with your bum taking...

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  • New! Second Skin Shapewear For Every Woman
    March 16, 2018

    New! Second Skin Shapewear For Every Woman

    One of the most endearing aspects of the female body is that no two women are alike. Our curves and angles make us who we are, but it can also prove difficult to find a comfortable panty that suits everyone....

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