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Perfect Shapewear For a Hookup

  In 2020, it is nearly impossible to be in the vicinity of ten women and has none of them wearing shapewear. That’s just the way things are, from bodycon to bodysuits, and fitted upper or lower wear, shapewear are a deep part of our society.

What is Shapewear?

  Shapewear is simply any garment worn in order to enhance the physical attributes. They often accomplish this by cinching the waist and emphasizing the bust and in more recent times the hips.   

Why Now?

  The truth is shapewear has been around for decades and what we are witnessing is simply a return to the old ways. At one point in time, all garments western garments for both men and women required some form of shapewear. With the evolution of fashion and a peek into older fashion trends we are seeing it return to the mainstream discussion.

So why today's topic?

  Well, most women wear shapewear for different reasons, but shapewear is also famously difficult to put on and take off.  And while dressing up for your partner in full lingerie sets can be exciting. Most hookups are designed to be stress and complication free-and that includes the process of taking off the shapewear.

  To help with this and make your torrid night's hassle and embarrassment free. Here are three shapewear recommendations:

Slimming Body Suit by Rosme: This bodysuit is as easy to put on as a regular bodysuit. Shed the support and hop on the bed because this shapewear gets a 10/10 on ease of wear.

 Mia by Lavinia: This high waist panty not only contours the sides but helps create a bubble butt effect. Sling it on or off like you would your regular panties.

Navy Corset by Lauma: this corset comes with a padded bra and sweetheart neckline. With hooks for hold, a simple snap and you’re ready to get back in business.

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