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Lingerie Stories: The Boudoir Shoot

Lingerie Stories: The Boudoir Shoot Pt.1.

  Alice was late. She knew that much. She just wished her brain would stop reminding her about it every passing minute. That's what was going through her mind as she sprinted the last few blocks down to her destination.

  The streets slowly cleared and seemed a lot more upscale than she was used to. She paused momentarily, only to note that she had indeed not gotten lost and was standing on Bowe street. Her doubts were put to rest quickly as she looked up, and found herself standing in front of a doorway with the sign that read, La Coquette.

  The flirt, she translated in her mind. She took in a deep breath and made her way past the door. She wasn’t certain what she could expect the boudoir shop to be like, but it was somehow all that and more.

  Wooden floors and brown décor coated the minimalist entrance. The soft mahogany smell drifted through the room with a hint of fresh coffee.

“You are?”

  The voice was soft but commanding, and Alice turned to look at whom the voice belonged to.

  She was beautiful. Yet, that seemed like an understatement. She was tall, her long legs were covered in fishnet hosiery and her frame was delicately balanced by soft curves and rounded features. She was a brunette with an obscenely neat, shoulder-length bob hair cut.

  Her heart-shaped face was soft with rounded eyes that were staring Alice down. Alice couldn't stop thinking of her full, bow-shaped lips that matched her broad nose and dark complexion perfectly.

  She was dressed like a librarian but intensely hotter. Her pencil skirt was cut several inches above her knee and her dressy shirt was made from a completely sheer fabric.

  She coughed, sending Alice out of her fantasy.

  “Sorry, I’m Alice. I’m your nine o’clock.” Alice said, blurting the last bit to give context to her name.

  The lady nodded, giving her a quick once over before signaling her with her palm. “I’m Nina and you’re late.”

  “I know, I am sorry…” they stopped in front of a half-closed door, she raised a single manicured hand to silence her before speaking.

  “Take off your clothes and meet us in the showroom - it’s the door on the left.” Alice nodded, not sure what to say just before the other lady, Nina, turned to give her another once-over.

  Then it happened. With a soft tug, Nina placed Alice’s breast between her hands. Taking in the size, she fondled them softly but firmly, cupping the sides and tracing the edges before releasing them.

  Nina’s lips raised in a seductive smile, “You’ll do perfectly. I’m afraid I may have sized you down on accident.” Adding the last part with a glimmer in her eye.

  Alice was bright red, of course, but something about the way Nina smiled made her think it wasn't an accident after all.

  To be continued...

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Karl Milliren - March 13, 2021

Love the start. Can’t wait to see where this leads :)

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