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Margarita Day - February 22

 Hello Lovers,

  It's warm and cozy tonight and there are a million things in the world I could be doing, none so as exciting as writing my blogs to you, however. Today we are looking into the exciting day that is February 22nd. Not many of you may know this but that is Margarita Day. Fun, I know right.

  When I think Margaritas, I think excitement, daring and classic. Words that I believe perfectly describe another item I am enamored with, Lingerie. Yup and the greatest part about this are how well they seamlessly blend. In honor of Margarita day, the excitement that often ensues after a few glasses of your favorite blend and the decades worth of memory behind every sip. I bring you today's fun activity, The match game.

  As many of you know, the match game is simply a fun list of types of items and the lingerie we think would go perfectly with them. Of course, these are fun and easy ways to build excitement, but also a great way to make pairings we may not have thought of! Tell me how you feel about this classic Margarita and Lingerie pairings in the comments!

The Original Margarita: First of her name and tangy to the taste. Every other blend starts off with this near-perfect blend of the three main ingredients: quality tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. What better way to drink a classic than by wearing another, Peony by Stefi L is the perfect classic collection.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita: Another popular blend and perhaps the best-frozen blend of all. Simply add some frozen or regular strawberries to the original mix and blend till you have a smoothie-like mix. Voila! Try on the Glossies Fiesta Red.

The Blue Margarita: Probably the most rated Margarita out there. It consists of the original formula with an electric twist, swapping the orange liqueur for some blue curaçao. Loving the electric blue, try our Olympia Collection by Sawren.

Hope you enjoy these 😊

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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