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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Mother's Day - May 10th

  Quarantine is in full bloom and its starting to feel like romance is out the window. Most stores are closed and even worse, there are no restaurants to go to for a fun and seductive night out. Which brings us to the problem, what to do about Mother’s Day?

  Mother's Day is the one day in the year your significant other gets to chill, relax and just take time out for herself. It is the day we celebrate all the little and big things she does in your life to make sure your family’s needs are met. Therefore, it is so important to make sure she not only feels loved but appreciated. Many people think Mother's Day is categorically for the women in our lives who have gone through the nine months of labor or have adopted little ones. The truth is Mother's Day is kind of a special day for all women.

  Significance of this wonderful day aside, how do we go about showing our love and appreciation for the women in our lives if everywhere around us is closed and even trickier, if we are stuck in with a company, i.e. kids. Well, I am here to tell you that romance is not dead!

  Here is a three-part plan to giving your partner the best Mother's Day yet (this plan is also kids proof).

Friendly Tip: If cooking is not your thing I always advise ordering delivery.

  First, start them off with breakfast in bed. I’m talking rest in and don’t have to “get up to make the kids feel better” resting. If the kids are old enough to contribute to the breakfast making this can be a fun activity for them to also show their appreciation, if not craft cards are also great!

  Next, you want to make sure they have the day to themselves. that means no prepping the kids, or laundry or groceries. Any emergencies can be handled easily by delegating chores to delivery apps.

  Third, the romance factor, end this lovely day with a romantic dinner for two or more and then a private gift she is bound to love. Where do you get this gift? You guessed it, Lavinia is open and running; we are even offering a 15% off sale to commemorate this wonderful period, just use code: MOM15 when checking out.  Offer ends May 12th, this is for our late lifters. 

Everyday Wireless Minimizer Bra Dominique Jilian Pink Here are three of our latest styles guaranteed to be the best gifts this Mother's Day; Jilian bra by Dominique, Lula chemise by Anais and Cage bra by Axami.


Love Lavinia

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