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Sexy Red Dress by Axami Lingerie

Queen Of The Night - Sexy Dress by Axami

  Axami just brought us something very seductive. The Queen of the Night dresses. These red and black dresses are a perfect mesh material that works well together to create the electric design quality we know and love Axami for. Nothing says hot and lusty summer quite like these daring pieces.

  Everyone needs the perfect little black dress; this latex wonder is no exception to the rule. The perfect attire for a sexy date with a sheer mesh top cut that reveals cherry peaked nipples. The bottom is a latex band that is designed to fit snug against the thighs and build the illusion of thicker buttocks. It has a small button fastening in the back of the neck a is finished with flexible, comfortable tulle.

Black Dress Sexy Axami

  Having a perfect red dress is just as important. In fact, scientists believe that red inspires lust and desire and the red dress by Axami is no different. A perfect mesh and tulle blend with tinted strips across the bosom section with just enough silhouette to have us peaking for more, a comfortable tight fitted but elastic material bodycon band to coat the torso and bottom region. This dress makes all the right statements on your date.  The dress is made of soft microfiber and well-fitting tulle and has a small button fastening in the back of the neck.

  Feeling like the star of the show is non-debatable in the queen of the night collection. These sets are the perfect date night picks, available in sizes S-XL with stretch tulle for curvier ladies. Consider shopping our sexy pasties for a less revealing look.

  Shop some of the Axami other sexy releases for a full date night experience, in and out of the bedroom!


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