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Plus Size Lingerie History Eliza by Rosme

The 3 Greatest Moments in Plus Size History This Decade

Dear Lovelies,

In honor of the decade rounding out, and the immense leaps the fashion industry has made towards diversity and inclusion. Here is a countdown of what we are the 5 greatest moments in plus size history this decade.

Although we know that with such an eventful decade, there were many contenders, these five really stood out to us here at Lavinia.

Ashley Nell Tipton’s Project Runway Collection. It is safe to say that this was one of the more groundbreaking historical events of the fashion world. In 2016 After a 14-year run, Project runway finalist, Ashley N. Tipton created what became the first-ever plus-size collection on the show. We are still as impressed now, as we were then.

Denise Bidot Walking NYC Fashion Week.  In late spring 2015, the supermodel made history by walking a straight fashion show for Chromate. Bidot’s jaw-dropping esthetic and walk certainly paved the way for more plus-size inclusion in future fashion weeks.

The creation of Fuller Figured Fashion Week. As a direct response to the shunning of plus-size models and designs in fashion. CEO, Gwen DeVoe, created what is now known as Fuller Figured Fashion Week, the first-ever fashion week event to cater exclusively to the plus-size market. With a ten-year anniversary in the bag, FFFW has been a success.

Honore was launched.  First-ever plus size luxury brand, Honore’s launched in 2017. This brand curate’s luxury items exclusively for sizes 10-20. Offering a wide range of items from accessories to formal wear, Honore’s is certainly bringing the world of luxury into the plus-size market.

Gabi Fresh XPlayful Promises. Plus size blogger and designer, Gabi fresh certainly had some momentous feats this decade. However, the launch of her seductive pin-up line with UK lingerie brand Playful Promises, stood out as a highlight in a groundbreaking decade for plus size fashion.

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Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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