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The Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day Shopping

Hey Darlings,

It's Lavinia here, and I’m just so excited to be writing this letter to you. Sure, I love what I do but I especially do when this time of year rolls around. You guessed it, valentines’ day. The story behind this fabled holiday is widely debated with some versions that seem a little less realistic than others. However, regardless of what version you believe or at the very least enjoy reading and discussing. The consensus is that valentine’s day is a day of love.

That love, while often romantic, can show itself through forgiveness and platonic kindness. So, some of the people reading this may not be here shopping for a lover but for a sibling or friend. Regardless of the nature of your relationship with the receiver of the gift the pointers I am offering will be useful in helping you chose the perfect Valentine's day present.

Do know their size. This may seem obvious, but it is important to consider the receiver's all-around size when purchasing clothing or lingerie for them. Don’t just think in terms of what they weigh- cause that can look different on everyone, consider their measurements and their goals. It may seem weird but how disappointed will you be if they lose or gain the weight right before or shortly after you get them a gift.

Don’t use your taste. We all tend to focus on ourselves and personal preferences when shopping for others. Although I do not advocate for putting your self in a circumstance where you feel too uncomfortable in order to please others. I do, however, encourage people to not center their preference but those of the person they are shopping for. Before you buy that red bra, ask yourself is this being bought because I like to stick to tradition or because the receiver of my gift likes the color or design?

Do take advantage of our promos. Here at Lavinia, we offer seasonal promotions to make sure that your purchasing experience is as great as possible. Everyone deserves a great valentines present; we simply ensure it happens.

Do, shop our latest styles, a few of my top recommendations for the season are; Defile by Lauma, Fleurette by Rosme and Java by Sawren.

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Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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