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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Lingerie

Hey Lovelies,

Remember your first year of college and the cute boy that walked around in ripped jeans and leather jacket? Remember how your best mate told you it was a fun idea to sleep with him, remember how that ended up not being the best advice?

The truth is, we have all fallen prey to bad advice. although our loved ones know us well enough no one is perfect and sometimes even advice offered with the purest intention could end up being the thing you wished you hadn’t even heard, much less considered. Well, the same can be said for lingerie.    

Sometimes, we get pulled into the world of magazines, blogging and plain old social media and it becomes very easy to be saddled with lots of wrong or misleading information. Sometimes from less informed and well-meaning people, other times from less scrupulous people. Regardless of intention, we have all received less than stellar advice, and some of us have been even more unlucky by following it.

Here are some of the worst advice we’ve heard about lingerie and just why they suck.


Advice: Always sleep with lingerie.

Problem: This is a big no, and one that way too many people are guilty of making. Your private parts while self-cleaning and regulating need to be aired. This means to avoid awkward smells and uncomfortable UTI’s leave your lingerie off the bed.


Advice: Only wear lace panty lingerie.

Problem: This is another very unhealthy practice. We here at Lavinia love our lace and silk as much as the next brand but lace is simply not a breathable material. Try some of our cotton options for a sexy, comfortable and all-round healthy option as well.

 Soft Bikini Panty White Lingerie

Lara by Wolbar and Cotton Panty.

Advice: body shapers should be worn to exercise.

Problem: this fallacy was brought up and promoted by many women who use social media to bank on their esthetics. The problem is, many of these women have access to and frequently use the best plastic surgeons to create the look they market. That means things, like working out in shapewear or drinking slimming teas, are not going to have the effect you think. They will, however, leave you lightheaded and possibly in physically unhealthy situations. Try some of our comfortable shapewear for an hourglass look;

Bodysuit Shapewear by Rosme and Shaper Wear by Rosme. No workout included.


Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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