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Understanding Basic Lingerie Pieces

Dear Lovelies,

 Listen up, the class is officially in session. You asked and we have answered. Many people have requested a quick rundown on some basic pieces of lingerie. And, there’s no shame in that. Lingerie encapsulates a wide array of categories and most of us were raised to think of lingerie as bras and panties, and a few of us who snuck a peek in magazines probably have seen a garter or two without knowing what it is was called. Worse, it can be very overwhelming to step into a lingerie shop, the first few suggestions with names we have never heard before might have us running for the door.

 To avoid this, we have decided to give a short rundown on some basic and important pieces we may encounter when shopping, this includes their descriptions and their purpose.

One-piece lingerie, this category has two main items; bodysuit lingerie and teddy lingerie. They both look like the traditional one-piece swimsuit and are often worn interchangeably but have a core difference, their purpose. Teddy Lingerie is designed to center the bust area, and by extension revert attention away from the mid-region. Whereas the bodysuit equally does this but with the added bonus of shaping. This means your bodysuit will do more to slim you down but should not be worn for as long. Be Daring  by Amoralle.

 Accessories, this category tends to have a vast majority of pieces simply because it is more so a category of style rather than design. Here we will be highlighting garters and corsets. Lingerie accessories are the lingerie pieces that can be worn alone but are designed to enhance the traditional pieces. The garter is a belt that covers the mid to lower region of the torso, it can, and most times does come with hooks to attach to stockings, sort of like an upside-down suspender. The purpose of this is to keep stockings in place but is also great for building a sexual aesthetic, which is why it is popularly characterized here.  The corset is a band that goes over the torso region and is designed to synch the waist while equally giving the illusion of a flatter tommy and more perky chest area, it is also used to serve a sensual aesthetic. Both also constitute shapewear because they offer a slimming effect.  Cherry by Kinga.

 The dresses, in this category we look at slips and chemises, like the lingerie teddy and body suit, both designs are often mistaken for each other and are generally considered to be interchangeable, depending on the material. The difference once again is in the original purpose of the two. Slips are more form fitting because they are designed as a layer between your clothes and skin, whereas chemises are designed as night dresses, so looser on the sides.  Sollea by Anais.

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Which of these was you not aware of?

Love, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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