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Free Shipping ($100+) & Free 100-Day US Returns.
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Why Do We Blur Our Sheer Images?

Hello, Lovelies!

 Today we cover a topic under our FAQ series. The point of this series is to take Frequently Asked Questions on our site and offer comprehensive looks and explanations on why certain things are the way they are in the lingerie industry. This is to ensure that all our guests and lingerie lovers are well informed when making their purchases. That way, you are more satisfied with the results of your purchase. So, what are we covering today?

 It has been largely requested and is not only common on our site but also other brands and companies alike. It is, “Why do we blur our sheer images?” or more bluntly, the nipple region.

 Many times, the guest will complain that they cannot guarantee just how sheer an item is thanks to the blurred-out chest region. While we wish this was simply a brand or industry preference we could avoid, it sadly is not.

 We do this in compliance with Google search engine rules. In order to ensure that child safety is secured online google search engine codes sites with visible female nipples as pornography. This means for us to show up on the standard family-friendly search results we must comply with that rule and blur out the chest region.

 While we understand the frustration with this policy. We, at Lavinia, provide exceptional service and can recommend that our sheer items are top of the line. While some images are still able to be permitted, we use pasties in a bulk of our images to shield the nipple and show just how sheer the material is. We also offer 24/7 customer support for further detail on sheer items you would like to purchase.

 Remember at Lavinia we take pride in our service, here are a few sheer designs that we know you’ll love. Aspen by Gorteks, Rosie by Kinga and Olympia by Sawren.

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