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Bra Extenders 2-Hook Braza

Customize your bra band to better fit your body. Simply attach this convenient band extender to your bra & you can increase your band length by up to 3 inches. It features 4 additional columns of eyes for either a modest increase in length to a more substantial one. Use them during pregnancy, when you've gained a little weight without an increase in breast volume, or when you can't find the band size you need in the style you like. Note: It does not change the cup size. Fits bras with the standard 2 rows of hooks (1.5 inches tall).

  • 2 rows of hooks, 4 columns of eyes (1.5 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide).
  • Material: 100% soft brushed nylon.
  • Packing: 3 bra band extenders are included in each pack.
  • Color: Black, Beige, White, Assorted (Black, Beige, White).
  • Style: BZ5002.

  • Have bras with 3 rows of hooks? Try the 3-Hook Bra Extender.
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