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Hand Wash Lingerie

  In the world of lingerie, many things are considered and questioned, but very rarely is one specific topic brought on for the right reasons. Today we are looking at how to properly wash lingerie.

  Lingerie care is important for a number of reasons and most times when discussed it is brought up because we are trying to maintain the life of our lingerie pieces. For emotional reasons, perhaps they are your favorite set and or financial ones, no one wants to constantly replace lingerie items especially when they are living less than a quarter of their designed shelf life, (6 months or less as opposed to 2+ years).

  However, the best reason and argument for taking proper care of lingerie should be your health. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they aren’t called intimates for no reason. Lingerie items are the pieces of clothing that stay in the closest and longest proximity to our naked unprotected flesh. This means making sure they are clean and well maintained isn’t just a penny saver but also a living one. So, what are we protecting ourselves from, well for one, urinary tract infections/bacteria that may lodge in the materials of your lingerie?

Why Handwash? We throw everything else in the machine.

  Well, most lingerie is not designed to be machine washed. In fact, we talk about this in one of our older blogs. The thinness and use of lingerie make it so that it is both healthier and less corrosive to wash with hands.

Which brings us to how:

  First, You’re going to soak your lingerie in warm water for at least 2 hours before washing (add a drop of bleach into approximately four cups of water when washing whites. ) This is so that stains lift easier

Now, rinse out lingerie (do not ring, or twist lingerie to dry).

Place lingerie in a light detergent mix of water. Next, lightly rub out the dirt.

After this, you rinse once more with cold or warm water. Then Air dry.

  Simple as that. We understand that handwashing can be time-consuming, so consider investing in a lingerie bag, simply place intimates in the lingerie washer bag and it is washer safe.

  It is never recommendable to machine dry lingerie, due to the possibility of a fire.

Love Lavinia, Lavinia Lingerie Blog

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