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    December 26, 2023

    Caring for Your Lingerie: Lavinia's Expert Guide

    Preserving Elegance and ComfortProper lingerie care is vital for maintaining the appearance and longevity of your intimate pieces. Following these essential tips ensures that your delicate lingerie remains seductive, luxurious, and wearable for as long as possible. Our guide will...

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  • Balconette Bra Lace Bridal Lingerie
    March 29, 2020

    Hand Wash Lingerie

      In the world of lingerie, many things are considered and questioned, but very rarely is one specific topic brought on for the right reasons. Today we are looking at how to properly wash lingerie.   Lingerie care is important...

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  • Glossies Sheer Molded Bra Gossard Lingerie
    September 14, 2018

    Have You Done This? 5 Common Lingerie Mistakes

    Wearing underwear: how hard can it be? Actually, it’s not always easy to get it right. At Lavinia Lingerie, we’ve taken a look at some of the most common lingerie mistakes, with some tips on how to fix them. How...

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  • Lingerie Care - Airing Out Your Laundry
    October 17, 2017

    Lingerie Care - Airing Out Your Laundry

    Learn how to properly wash and care for lingerie to make it last! As an owner of a lingerie business,, I speak with expertise. You should not put most bras and panties in the dryer. If you want to...

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