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The Deal with Bridal Lingerie

Hey Loves,

 In this weeks’ segment of understanding lingerie, we tackle a tag of lingerie that most of us are too shy to admit. We really don’t understand or may simply have a vague understanding of Bridal lingerie.

Many of us have scrolled on lingerie websites and seen the category before-Its usually white or beige-and had no true idea what exactly it was for. Sure, it is in the name, and it's safe to assume it has something to do with weddings but other than that, many of us do not know what it really comprises. So, I am here to give a quick guide on bridal lingerie.

What is it?

 It's always best to know what we are looking at right? Bridal lingerie as most of you guessed does have to do with weddings. They are simply lingerie that is specifically designed to fit beneath wedding dresses. They are usually white, beige, or any variant of nude in order to create a seamless allusion beneath the wedding dress. Bridal lingerie also characterizes lingerie that is traditionally linked to wedding culture. It is important to note that, bridal lingerie while designed to be worn beneath wedding dresses, can be worn with any clothing of your choosing.

Now that we know what it is, how do we go about selecting the right fit?

 Get fitted, this is your big day that means taking all margins of error into account. Here at Lavinia we offer sizing charts unique to each brand we collaborate with to ensure that whatever bra you choose, fits you perfectly.

 Color, most bridal lingerie is white, due to the traditional color of wedding dresses and gowns being the same. However, depending on the shade of white, your lingerie could show beneath the dress because of light. Consider a color that matches your skin tone for a more fitting effect.

 Know the dress, the design and color of your dress will largely affect the type of bridal lingerie you choose. Deeper cuts will need a plunge bra, whereas a tight fitted or sheer dress will need a seam-free bra.

 Shapewear, shapewear for some women is a great addition to their outfits. If you fall under this group, make sure to get fitted and styled before the big day to make sure you are feeling maximum comfort beneath the dress.

 Remember bridal lingerie isn’t only for brides, treat yourself to some of our exceptional designs; Madeline, Paige and Eliza.


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